Installing Toilet Tissue Holder Recessed

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Slat Toilet Tissue Holder

A bracket flush toilet tissue holder is a great space saver for small bathrooms. The front of the stand is the level of a wall or cabinet and toilet tissue is saved inside the wall or cabinet. Install a stand flush toilet tissue requires a little more work than installing one standard, but will obviously lend attention to detail and followed extra step to give your bathroom a very particular aspect.

Place the tissue template provided with the support of toilet tissue holder on the wall side or cabinet and paste it in place with masking tape. Trace the template on the surface with a marker and then remove it. Turn off the circuit breaker to the bathroom if you are installing the bracket built into the wall. This will prevent injury in case of a power line cut buried in the wall.

Drills a hole of 1.25 cm at the top of the drawing of the template toilet tissue holder with a hand drill and a drill 1.25 cm. Do not leave the line in the area you are going to extract. Place the blade of a jigsaw in the whole 1.25 cm and cut the part of the wall or cabinet where you will install the bracket wardrobe.

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