Wood Shelf Brackets

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Wood Shelf Brackets Diy

Wood Shelf BracketsWe sanded all the drawers inside and out first with coarse sandpaper to remove all imperfections, and then with fine sandpaper to smooth all surfaces and that it are not rough. We took all nail pops that you may have. After dyed and / or varnished all drawers each separately. To assemble the structure and not disarmament we can do

A wooden board that will be the “bottom” of the shelf (we measured the total area of ​​the drawers) and nailed the basis of all the drawers in it. Got wood shelf brackets metal reinforcements in the hardware, consisting of a capital with 4 perforations: These are used in the interior, where 4 drawers meet. There are also others that are not bent but are straight and have only 2 holes

Wood shelf brackets that will use outside uniting 2 drawers. We can replace the badges for kindling, but is less resistant. Between a drawer and another should be at least 2 joints. We perforations in the boxes where will the reinforcements, screwed with screws and nuts.

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